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About Tango Whiskey Aviation

We're Rochester's premier aviation school for tailwheel, spin, and aerobatic training
Our flight training team
We're skilled pilots with a lifetime of aviation experience

Our instructors are dedicated to making Tango Whiskey Aviation the best place to fly in Upstate NY with exceptional equipment and skilled instruction.

Tango Whiskey Aviation School in Rochester, NY
We help pilots become confident in real world situations with our expert instruction

Welcome to Tango Whiskey Aviation. We bring decades of experience to our programs in tailwheel flying, spin training, upset maneuver training, and basic aerobatics.

This aviation school is a lifelong dream to help pilots become safer, more well-rounded, and confident in every real-world situation. We offer a range of programs that enable pilots to practice challenging skills safely.

Tango Whiskey Aviation is the only Rochester flight school with aircraft equipped for basic aerobatic and advanced spin training. Our 2003 Super Decathlon has an inverted fuel and oil system as well as aileron spades and gap seals, giving a 180 degree per second roll rate.

At Tango Whiskey, we have a passion for tailwheel and aerobatic flying. Come hone your skills while having the time of your life.

Have fun while becoming a better pilot.
We provide tailwheel, spin training, and aerobatic flight training in Rochester, NY.