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Testimonials for Tango Whiskey Aviation

Hear from our clients about our aerobatic, tailwheel, and spin training programs
Our clients love flying with us


Allan Erwin (center with hat) is Tango Whiskey's investor and first student. Allan received his private pilot certificate in N248MA. Only a handful of pilots take their checkride in tailwheel aircraft putting him in a special group of pilots! Also pictured are Instructor Brian Allen and DPE Martha Anne Pickard.

Allan Erwin

From the minute you are belted into the seat, you become one with the airplane and realize that THIS is what flying is all about!

Dr. Chuck Cavallaro
Aerobatic Flight Student at Tango Whiskey Aviation

Tango Whiskey Aviation

We want your picture here!

Flying in its purest form, for the absolute fun of it.

David Curry
Aerobatic Flight Student at Tango Whiskey Aviation

“My previous flight training taught me to fly a plane, but now I’m engaging with the plane and enjoying flying more than I ever have!”

Blake Keller
Aerobatic Flight Student- One of Tango Whiskey's newest Instructor Pilots

We think the smile says it all!

Ben Curry
Future Tango Whiskey Flight Student

"I earn my living as a professional jet pilot and have been flying airplanes since 1985. Flying the SuperD takes me back to my very first flights. The sheer amazement and joy of flying in the sky! The SuperD is powerful enough to push my pilot skills to the next level and stable enough for a relaxing flight over the Finger Lakes. Quite possibly the perfect airplane!”

Lew Macklin
Tango Whiskey Instructor Pilot

As a CFI continuing to add knowledge and training to my resume, this training is a "must have..."

From a personal perspective, it's my opion that it matters not whether you're at the beginning of your flying adventures, or one with thousands of hours in aviation, you will only improve your skills after receiving this unique flying experience....

Thank you Tango Whiskey Aviation.... time and money VERY well spent.

Rob FitzGerald
Aerobatic Flight Student at Tango Whiskey

“I’ve always had an irrational fear of flying due to not understanding how things work and a sense of losing control. Being with Ruben and having him talk me through the science of flight really put me at ease and has helped me to overcome some of my silly fears. Ruben is calm in the cockpit and extremely knowledgeable. 10/10 this nervous flier would do it again!”

Michelle Dore
Aerobatic Ride

Have fun while becoming a better pilot.
We provide tailwheel, spin training, and aerobatic flight training in Rochester, NY.