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See all that Tango Whiskey has to offer

Tango Whiskey's specialized flight programs

Whether you need an endorsement, a refresher course, or want to hone your skills, our expert instructors provide guidance in the operation and execution of aerobatic flight, spin and tailwheel training.

  • Tailwheel Endorsement Program

    Develop and hone skills to master challenging airstrips with confidence with our tailwheel program.

  • Basic Spin Training Program

    Although most licenses don't require spin training, all pilots will benefit from this introduction to the analysis of spins.

  • Advanced Spin Training Program

    If you believe experience is the best teacher, we provide even more real-world experience enter and exit spins.

  • Aerobatics I Program

    Experience the total freedom and exhilaration of aerobatic flight while building skills and confidence!

  • Aeroabtics II Program
    Coming Soon!
  • UPRT Training Program
    Coming Soon!

Have fun while becoming a better pilot.
We provide tailwheel, spin training, and aerobatic flight training in Rochester, NY.